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Nancy Cannon-O'Connell


"..You are here. You want to get there. Ask...listen without prejudice. Say thank you. I am a huge apostle for thanking."
(Marshall Goldsmith, 2007)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Coaching Do You Do?

I collaborate a lot with people in the workplace. I work with companies and the individuals inside those companies on ways to move beyond barriers to success. My clients identify their goals and even create clarity around the performance gaps. We work together to design new and sustainable frameworks for meeting objectives. I coach individuals, for example, who want to take action on 360 feedback related to communication skills, ability to lead, collaboration, adapting to the changes in the culture of a company and so forth.

When Is Coaching the Best Fit?

Organizations, teams, or individual leaders know that a coach is a facilitator…a sounding board to help them find their own answers. We support development strategies that build overall understanding of better ways to achieve goals, inspire initiative, enhance skill building, and encourage personal/team accountability. We collaborate with these individuals and teams to clarify choices, support behavior change for better alignment with business goals and encourage accountability for actionable plans.

Who Benefits from Executive/Leadership Coaching?

Recent studies indicate that coaching is now used as an important tool in assisting professionals and leaders at all levels in business to achieve new goals (www.HudsonInstitute.com). Coaching pays off for organizations that want to accelerate the development of individual and team leadership skills. People, teams and firms that are in a cycle of change can benefit from coach-partnerships. Individuals seeking to move past their current level of excellence can do so through coaching.

Our goal with individual and organizational clients is to support them in charting a course that gets results, deepens commitment and satisfaction, motivates shifts to higher levels of thinking and performance, and generates a durable vision for going forward.

What Does the Coaching Process Entail?

Whether you’re an individual or a team, the coaching process generally flows from an initial meeting to check on the ‘fit’ between the coach and those being coached. An agreement is drafted; in this ‘contract’ everyone aligns on the client purposes for coaching, the objectives of the work, and the duration of the engagement. The payment steps are outlined. The agreement also extends to honoring the time of meetings, whether in person or by phone and it outlines the number of meetings to occur over a period of time. Our coaching is typically once per week for anywhere from 3 to 24 months. The coaching process can be dynamic and part of the time it can happen on-the-job. Of course, one part of coaching has to do with taking time out to reflect and gain perspective, so there are also 1:1 meetings or team meetings designed to allow for processing new ideas. For instance, we coach by coming into a department and being a silent part of team efforts over the course of a week or so. We give real time observations to those involved, and subsequently we will work in a number of ways with our client to move the needle on the changes outlined in the agreement.
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