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Nancy Cannon-O'Connell Ph.D


"..You are here. You want to get there. Ask...listen without prejudice. Say thank you. I am a huge apostle for thanking."
(Marshall Goldsmith, 2007)


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Welcome to Cannon Collaborations

Who We Are
Cannon Collaborations is dedicated to delivering excellence through partnerships with corporate clients and individuals. Nancy Cannon-O’Connell is a seasoned professional with 20 years of corporate experience. She brings to her clients deep experience in strategic planning and development, team building, and individual performance enhancement. Cannon Collaborations also offers access to a network of highly skilled colleagues with specific industry and leadership strategy expertise. Additionally, we deliver services to the nonprofit sector, working with Boards and nonprofit leaders.

Coaching and leadership development means behavior change programs with individuals and teams that add to a company's profitability, productivity, and overall success. Executive coaching is a collaboration to reach stretch-goals, to go to the next level with ease, and to be fully engaged in the changes needed for meeting expectations.

Strategic consulting engagements focus on project analysis and design, market research, project facilitation, and team coaching.

Collaborating with clients for deep success:
  • Leaders managing change
  • Teams in transition
  • Organizations designing high-impact leadership solutions
  • Businesses seeking rapid turn-around consultations

Today, organizations are moving at a velocity that creates new kinds of challenges for individuals and for teams; yet, these individuals and teams can be leveraged as the most critical assets of all. Coaching and strategic collaboration are powerful tools for moving people toward their finest achievements. Organizations thrive in today’s environment of accelerated demand and rising expectations by serving individual potential and by engaging teams in a culture of shared values, impromptu innovation, and clear communication.

Deliver executive and team coaching that is responsive in real-time and helps clients reach new levels in satisfaction, performance, productivity, and profitability.

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